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Want New Fish? Read This!

Whether you have had huge tanks your whole life, or just want to get a little goldfish, there are a few important things to know to set you up for success.

1) Evaluate your current situation, and decide what you need.  If you have a small pond, then only plan to get another one or two small fish.  Remember, the more water + the less fish = higher chance of success, less work and costs for you (in general).  How much money do I have to spend on this new fish? How much more time do I want to spend caring for my fish? Is the tank or pond that I have now in good working order, or should it really get some upgrades before I commit to caring for a new life? Also ensure that what you want to get, will get along with the fish you have.

2) Be prepared to, and quarantine, the new fish, period.  Saying that the person, shop, auction, whatever, already quarantined the fish, defies the very definition of quarantine.  The fish has to be in YOUR environment, exposed to YOUR temperature changes, YOUR water source, etc. for a set period of time, ideally 4-6 weeks, before any decisions can be made about the health of that animal.  Diseases and parasites, (such as a herpes virus you or I might get as a fever blister when we work too many long hours), often lay dormant within the animal, even for years, but then overtake the fishes immune system and become a problem during times of stress i.e. moving to your house!  And then gives it to the fish you already have, and then, you have a big problem, which could have been avoided in a quarantine tank.  Have another set up, a tank from a garage sale (or I got my last one at the local thrift shop), get it cycling and have the water quality in it going great, and put your new fish in there.  Preferably your 2 new fish, as they really like to have a friend and will do better in at least a pair.   It’s a little more work, but so worth it, for so many reasons.  In fact, if everyone did this one important step, there would be almost be no need for me as a fish doctor!  So go ahead,  I dare you to try and put me out of business! Quarantine those new fish!  And no I do not recommend prophylactic treatment with a bunch of chemicals, dewormers, antibiotics, etc.  Just use this opportunity to bond with the new fish, up close and personal, before they are introduced into the main system.  Observe them and check their water quality carefully, every day, and then treat any problems as, or if, they arrive.

3) ONLY then should you begin to look for your new fish.  Of course if goes without saying to get fish from a reliable source with a great reputation.  Word of mouth is the best.  But also use your powers of observation.  Choose the fish that chooses YOU!  Not the little lonely one in the back corner with the torn fins who is all alone…he is for the shop owner to assume accountability for. Look carefully for torn fins, being interested in you and the surroundings, swimming strongly with the other fish, showing a strong interest in food, with a bright color and no visible marks, bumps, or other abnormal bulges or discolorations. You want the one (s) who can’t seem to want to swim over to you fast enough and say “Hey Buddy, What’s UP? YOU look awesome, want to hang out with me?”! And if your not lucky enough to have experience this with pet fish, and I hope you do, then at least pick one who seems the most vibrant, to you.

4) Safely transport the new fish home.  Proceed directly to already established quarantine tank.  Get the assistance of whoever you are getting the fish from, with the safe transport of your new friend. But if you want more help, I have an article for that which I can provide you with.

5) Feed, love, care for, and check temperature, ammonia, nitrites,  nitrates, and Ph, AT LEAST, on this new fish, every single day while in quarantine for the next 4-6 weeks.  If problems arise, consult me, right away.  I have seen Ph crashes kill thousands of dollars worth of fish in less than a day.  Don’t wait and see, this is what the quarantine period is all about. One month later and all is good? No problems or concerns whatsoever? Then congratulations on your new addition!  It is now safe to introduce the new arrival to the rest of the gang, of course ensuring that the water in the main tank matches what your new fish has been is, especially as far as temperature is concerned.   

So there you have it folks, everything you need to know about getting, and keeping, a new fish healthy and happy, in 5 simple steps!  And I remember, I am DrQ, here to help YOU, keep your animals happy, and healthy, years longer.  What other questions do you have?  Connect with me on Facebook #jenaquesten, Twitter @drquesten, Linkin, Google+, and almost everyone else you might like to hang out, and I will answer. Have a great day, and, best wishes for you and your fishes!Goldie




Dr. Questen featured in the Denver Post Today!

Dr. Jena Questen, also known sat Dr. Koi, is a veterinarian at the Denver Holistic Pet Center where she specializes in doctoring fish.

Photo courtesy of the Denver Post

Please check out this GREAT article by the Denver Post telling all about the FASCINATING world of aquatic veterinary medicine!

“Jena Questen — more popularly known by the nickname Dr. Koi. She is a classically educated veterinarian (Colorado State University, 2001) who later trained herself to treat ornamental fish because she saw so many of them dying needlessly.”

Obviously with a LOT of help along the way from many of the BEST fish doctors in the WORLD! Thanks guys and gals, you know who you are!
Read more: Fish veterinarian known as “Dr. Koi” keeps patients feeling fin – The Denver Post
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My video is in the top 20 for 2012!

I am so excited to share with you that I was just advised that I have a top-performing video on from 2012!

After gathering their top performers from the past year, my video Natural Way to Feed a Cat ranked in the Top 20 of all published videos. Considering they published thousands of videos in 2012, this is quite an accomplishment. In fact, my video totaled over 20,000 page views!

I could not be more please that I was able to share good information about natural health care for cats.  Hopefully my suggestions will help some kitties out there live happier and healthier, longer.

Please feel free to share or re-post if you find the information useful, too!

Until next time,

Natural Way to Feed a Cat —powered by

How to identify a poisonous coral snake from a harmless king or milk snake

In this video I explain how to tell the difference in the color bands on the two types of snakes. Remember:  black and red, friend of Jack,black and yellow, kill a fellow. So what you’re looking for to identify the dangerous snake is to see if the yellow and black bands actually touch each other. That is how to tell the difference between the two types of snakes.
How to Tell the Difference Between a Poisonous Coral Snake & a Non-Poisonous King Snake —powered by

New packages starting next year!

Dr Questen With a bunch of animalsStay tuned to this website and your email for changes coming to the practice next year. We will be offering monthly packages in order to better help with your budget, as well as to provide even better preventive care to help prolong the life of your beloved cat, dog, horse, or fish.
We would would really appreciate any comments, concerns, or questions. Your input is very valuable to us and all thoughts and comments will be taken into consideration.
Help us to be better able to serve you and your pets needs in the coming new year with the most cost effective preventive medicine plan we can offer.
Leave your comments, today. Prevention is, after all, the best medicine!

DrQ and U at the Races this Saturday August 11th!

Hi all, I am excited and getting ready for our big horse race track charity event this Saturday, hope you are too! For those who want the back side tour we will me at the stable gate a few minutes before 11 am. Then head to the grandstand for a quick lesson on the in’s and out’s of racing, then we can head back to the barn and escort a nice stallion to his race that I am sponsoring at 3:30, which if he wins we will be in the winners circle with him for his picture! Email or call the office directly for more details. Looking forward to seeing you all there! DrQ and Prince of Flame

You are Invited to a Special VIP Charity Event with Dr Q at Arapahoe Park Racetrack August 11, 2012

Dear Clients, Students, and Friends,

Please be my guest at Arapahoe Park Racetrack for a fun filled day of live action racing,  while helping to increase awareness about the need for placing retired racehorses into loving, forever homes.


The Magic Waiting for You:

  • Get the first hand, inside scoop on the racing industry
  • Learn the proper way to place a bet
  • Take a tour of the barn area
  • Smile as you get the privilege of being in the win picture, and – most importantly —
  • Learn more about Prince of Flame, an 8 year old thoroughbred gelding and the newest addition to the ResQranch.

The Prince of Flame Fund has been established to raise public awareness regarding the plight of the retired racehorse. Through chronicling the transition of this one thoroughbred racehorse from pristine athlete to trustworthy friend, more people will become aware of the need for forever homes for these amazing animals.  The hope is to help save more retired racehorses from suffering an unlikely end, such as transport to a slaughterhouse, and demonstrate what versatile and reliable companions they can become.


There is no charge to attend this special event; however, non-tax deductible donations (we are a charity, not a non-profit) are appreciated to help give Prince a second chance for hope and a new lease on life.    If you are unsure if you can attend and forget to RSVP, no problem, just be prepared to pay the $3 admission, and then join us upstairs in the Director’s Lounge at any time!

Where and When:



Join us for a fun filled day at Arapahoe Park Racetrack, located at 26000 E. Quincy Ave., Aurora, Co 80016, located conveniently just east of E-470 and Quincy.  Join us at any time in the afternoon. Post time starts at 1 pm, and the last race is  scheduled for 5 pm.  We will be in the Directors Lounge Upstairs.




Confirm your plans to join us by calling (855) DrQ and U.  You will then receive more details on where and what time to meet,  the refreshments and special seating available, and  for your personal tour of the stable area of the racetrack.   For up to the minute information, please subscribe to our email list here at

And, if you are unable to attend and would like to make a contribution for Prince of Flame, you can send your contributions to the Prince of Flame Fund, First Bank, 25617 Conifer Road, 80433.   Thank you in advance for your support.


Looking forward to seeing you all there!



Dr. Q

"Prince of Flame"

Prince of Flame looking a little bewildered his first morning here at the ResQRanch.



“Whole-istic” Horse Health & Behavior Saturday July 28th 9am to 3pm


This class is for those who  have been hurt or intimidated  by horses, equine professional who want to learn more about recent advances in animal training and how the horse learns, and all who want to learn how to prolong the life of the horse..   There is an introduction to husbandry of the animal, including  what your equine vet wishes  their clients knew about horses, as well as a discussion of  holistic health care and the acupressure exam.  You will learn how to perform the diagnostic acupressure exam, which  when done correctly will not only help keep your horse healthy, but, also resolves 80% all all training problems on the ground!
Upon completion of the course, participants will know how to minimize injury to oneself and the horse while delivering good quality health care, as well as gain a  good understanding of how animal behavior affects health and healing.  Common disease processes which are effectively treated through alternative medicine will be discussed, and an introduction to the use of acupuncture, herbs, and homeopathy. Students will be enlightened to new advances in the understanding of  equine behavior and training in order to facilitate more desirable behaviors and, most importantly,  a deeper bond between horse and human.  Participants will learn why there is no such things as good or bad behavior, and how to begin to utilize the science of operant and classical conditioning to teach almost any animal (it’s not just for horses) to do almost anything!

There will be barn time to help demonstrate the principles on school horses, and plenty of time for questions!

This will be an information packed seminar well worth the time for all horse lovers The location is Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology, 1681 S Dayton St, Denver, Co 80247.  Please call the school directly to register at 303-751-9969.

Class size is limited, so register early.  Contact us directly to have this presentation at YOUR next equine event (855) DrQand U!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!





Vaccinating Pet Fish!

DrQ is proud to share that on May 16, 2012, she was the first veterinarian in the United States to vaccinate a koi with the first and only USDA approved vaccine for pet fish!

The vaccine is designed to help protect koi fish from the deadly Koi Herpes Virus, or KHV, a devastating disease can can kill up to 80% of the inhabitants of a pond, often within about 7 days.  The new vaccine, called Cavoy and manufactured through Novartis Animal Health, is the first vaccine of it’s kind in  of aquatic medicine in the United States.

Koi Herpes Virus is a devastating disease that leads to substantial losses.  The disease affects koi fish in backyard ponds, as well as  commercial fish producers, but can also kill thousands of fish in lakes, such as the staggering number of dead fish in a Michigan lake last week. Finding the disease in a natural habitat indicates the disease is endemic to the US, and a potential threat to every keeper of koi fish.

The vaccine, available only through a veterinarian, has been used successfully in Israel for the past several years, and helped salvage an industry on the brink of financial disaster by halting spread of the disease.

The vaccine is administered via an immersion bath, so no needles are required. For those with an investment in an ornamental water garden and koi fish, this new vaccine is sure to be a valuable asset to help protect against the emotional and financial loss of exposure to KHV.

Hopefully this vaccine will just be the first in a new line of products and procedures designed to help further the health and well being of pet fish everywhere

Contact us for more information about whether vaccination is right for you and your fish.

Best wishes for your fishes!

Treating Abrasions on a Dog

Treating abrasions on dogs requires you to follow just a few basic, easy to manage steps. Treat abrasions on dogs with help from a dynamic, holistic and conventional veterinarian in this free video clip.