Open Letter Plea for Help, Please Share

The Resqranch

To the animal lover reading this, I hope this message finds you well!

I am the Colorado Small Business Person of the Year, Dr. Jena Questen. Also a veterinarian, professional animal trainer, and owner of Aspen Park Vet Hospital in Conifer, Colorado. I am the founder of the non-profit 501c3 ResqRanch, where we educate children and adults about animals, thereby helping both live healthier and happier, together, longer!

What sets our rescue apart from any other is our respect for life and our unique emphasis on Positive Reinforcement training. We are world-class in what we teach and how we approach animal handling, using the scientifically proven safest and fastest, methods for creating strong bonds between people and animals. With today’s mental health challenges, that bond could mean the difference between life or death. And the best way to achieve that magical bond and a real sense of community is with Positive Reinforcement training, where animals have a choice.

This message is regarding our desperate need for a permanent facility for our rescue animals. We currently have funding for approximately $4-5,000/month, (twice that if the facility could also hold my veterinary hospital)l. But as you know, in today’s market that does not go far. I am urgently attempting to creatively construct a solution utilizing my SBA award as my credentials for the acquisition of a facility that will allow me to house at least 6 but up to 20 rescue horses (or more), and a good area to continue our free and paid educational classes.

In consideration of continuing to successfully operate and grow my veterinary business, it needs to be near my current business in the Evergreen/Conifer area.

We have a well-developed business plan for the rescue facility that includes multiple revenue streams such as kids’ horse camps, equine-assisted therapy, mental health, wellness, online courses, opportunities for veterans, and positive reinforcement boarding and training.

We are also seeking grant writers and other professionals to partner with who share our vision and our mission which is, through (positive reinforcement) education, to end the need for shelters, rescues, and Mustang holding pens in the first place!

We must urgently seek a facility, a permanent home to bring our vision as a legacy to the local community and the entire state. As the Colorado Business Person of the year, surely my beloved Colorado wants this world-class facility for its very own.

Can you help in any way?

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration and for keeping us in your prayers. God bless!

Dr. Jena Questen CA, CertAqV, PAT
SBA 2022 Colorado Small Business Person of the Year

Winning the Colorado Small Business Person of the Year

Winning the Colorado Small Business Person of the Year

Winning the accolade of being called the Colorado Small Business Person of the year has not changed the pace of the patients needing help at the hospital. What they don’t tell you about earning such a prestigious honor, is the increased workload it puts on you! Besides awards ceremonies with Governor Polis, zoom call congratulations from President Biden and Senator Hickenlooper, personal letters from the Senate from Mr. Bennett, and personal meetings with Representative Neguse, it’s all a bit overwhelming and feels huge. I was on Great Day Colorado, in the Canyon Courier, did a very fun podcast with Conifer Radio, and was interviewed by Channel 7. I was not, however, in the Denver Post (yet) or on any other news stations, so then there is the added pressure of, how much time (and/or money, as in hiring a publicist) do I spend trying to get press from these other sources? It’s a lot of added pressure to make sure to capture all the benefits possible from the publicity. And why bother, you might ask (as did Mark from Conifer Radio)? Why get a ResqRanch of course! I intend to turn this award into a permanent facility for the ResqRanch.

Colorado Small Business Person of the Year

I’m aiming to get a letter of recommendation from the Governor or a Senator, to fill an open vacancy on the Federal Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Committee. As an advocate for horses in need- in my opinion, the horses in greatest need right now are the wild horses. I’m passionate about learning and teaching you more about the complicated issue of managing the wild horse and burro populations. This would work to fulfill the mission of the ResqRanch, which is, through education, to end the need for shelters, rescues, and Mustang holding pens in the first place. I feel that I’m uniquely qualified to play a role in the decision-making, not only because I am a vet and trainer, but also because of my experience working with complex and highly emotional issues, such as keeping marine mammals in captivity and horse racing. I often find myself in the line of fire with two strongly opposing sides with both animal issues. However, as a person who does not eat animals yet is also a concealed carry permit holder (those who know will understand what that means and why it is rare), I feel I can bring a balanced perspective to the issue. Then I realize I am tired, and why am I doing this to myself?! But the animals need effective help, so if there is anything you can do to help with any of these things, I would greatly appreciate it (and so would the animals). After all, life is short, so we must make the most of our time here!

Thanks for reading, and my sincerest wish for you all is to follow your dreams, undeterred! Until next time, God bless you all.

Free Pet Fish Exams ONLY this Monday February 10th!

Great Fish PicHave you been struggling with your beloved pet goldfish, betta,  koi, or  other fish,  with some health concerns or questions, but weren’t really sure what exactly to do?  Have you considered consulting with Dr. Questen the aquatic veterinarian regarding your pet fish, but weren’t sure about how it would work, or how expensive it would be?

Well then you are in luck! We are so  excited to share with you that the Denver Post is sending a reporter and a photographer to interview Dr. Questen, also known in the fish world as “Dr. Koi”, this Monday February 10th at the Denver Holistic Pet Center! What does this mean for you the pet fish lover? It means bring your fish down to the Center during the interview, allow photographs, and get a health consultation with Dr. Questen, FOR FREE!

AND if you are NOT a fish aficionado, then please share with us your email via www.eastwestvet.com so that we may send you  details about our EXCITING upcoming webinar series:


In this webinar we will discuss the 10 steps to TOTAL Natural Health. This is the only guide you will ever need to help your best friend live healthier, and happier, longer!

So please forward this to any fish lovers you may know, and sign up so we may share with you  upcoming  details about the webinar.  Interested fish lovers please email us through www.drkoi.com to reserve a time.  Remember it happens ONLY this Monday afternoon February 10th, at the Denver Holistic Pet Center, located at 4640 Pecos St, Denver, Colorado 80211.

Show off the bond you have with your beloved pet fish, while learning about improving the health and longevity of this animal which means so much to you.  Even thought not everyone else might really understand, we do! 

Hope to see you! Stay tuned for a link to the article when it is published in the Denver Post!



It can’t believe Memorial Day weekend is coming up, and that it is time for for the first Holistic Animal Behavior and Health class tonight at the Denver Holistic Pet Center!

Tonight’s Animal Life Skill topic is “Away from Home Behavior”.  We will discuss why it matters, what it should be, and how to get it if it’s not quite an A+ on the Life Skill Report Card.

Come for class tonight at 6:00, with 1) your animal safely restrained 2)proof of recent veterinary exam 3)your animals dinner and favorite treats 4) great questions 5) and ready to have fun!

Please call us at (855) DrQ and U, or shoot us an email from the contact page,  if you need to schedule an appointment to see the doc right before class, you have questions, or just to tell us we can look forward to seeing you and your pet tonight!

And on that note…

I am DrQ, and the rest, is up to you!

Hope to see you there!