Your Positive Dog Business: Getting more!”

Thank you for taking good care of me!

Thank you for taking good care of me!

No matter if you own a positive (boarding, training, rescue, etc.) dog business, work for one, or dream of owning one in the future, join us for a chat time interview on the Facebook Group Positive Pet Advise on March 8th, 2015, 2 pm MST, with DrQ, Life Coach for People with Pets. Learn the perfect way to describe your business, and how to partner with your local vet, pet stores, and others, to help promote and grow your business.  This is for people who put their clients and their pets first,  realizing that the way to success, is through serving our clients with professionalism, compassion, and in the most authentic way possible, while striving to never stop learning.

One thought on "Your Positive Dog Business: Getting more!”"

John K. Pitcher says:

WOW! 🙂 Jena, Earlier I came across your post on “Your Positive Dog Business: Getting more!” & before I was to just send a post of it to all the people I know & friends w/ here on FB, I wanted to leave a comment briefly on it to the people I know to catch their attention a little to more-so try to get them to fully review & look over the A. Post you have just posted for current events, especially w/ if it would be of some help for them here & now, & B. to be aware & to know of you & have some basic knowledge of you & your work (& work ethics too) in a nutshell, & WOW! OH MY GOSH Jena!! I just got done going over most everything on your website, & well!!???? Well, you (& here once again too!)have (incredibly too!)surprised me of with WHO! u are & w/ more of EVERYTHING you’re presently involved w/ & doing/working on in your life. & WOW! I am not just surprised & completely amazed (once again!) but I truly caught a good look a “Whole” of you do, doing & working/building on w/in the days/times coming!! Jena!! Ur have amazed me once again & it is simply absolutely incredible of what you do/done & to do in your “Every day” Dr. Jena Questen’s life!!! & me not digging deeper & being better aware of you in the JIF of it all! You are super human & I’ve easily decided that when I(We!) Clone you w/EVERYTHING of w/who you are!! It’s a NO VOTE! that I(We) need to make at least 20?!! if not 100 clones of you & w/the basic Fabrics of what makes you YOU!!! You are GOLDEN in my eyes! & to say the least! You are THE BEST OF THE BEST! & forever will be to me!!! 🙂 (Oh! & Also, it’s a No-Brainer for me, but!! I’ve easily decided that I want to have your Babies & as many as you may simply want & them ALL! with You!) That’s how much u amaze me Jena!! WOW!!!!!!!! 🙂

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