It can’t believe Memorial Day weekend is coming up, and that it is time for for the first Holistic Animal Behavior and Health class tonight at the Denver Holistic Pet Center!

Tonight’s Animal Life Skill topic is “Away from Home Behavior”.  We will discuss why it matters, what it should be, and how to get it if it’s not quite an A+ on the Life Skill Report Card.

Come for class tonight at 6:00, with 1) your animal safely restrained 2)proof of recent veterinary exam 3)your animals dinner and favorite treats 4) great questions 5) and ready to have fun!

Please call us at (855) DrQ and U, or shoot us an email from the contact page,  if you need to schedule an appointment to see the doc right before class, you have questions, or just to tell us we can look forward to seeing you and your pet tonight!

And on that note…

I am DrQ, and the rest, is up to you!

Hope to see you there!

One thought on "Join us TONIGHT for “YOUR A BUNCH OF ANIMALS!”"

Tim Carmichael says:

This is such a great idea! I see so many dogs who’s owners always say “S/He doesnt normally act like this!” when they are out in public with their dog. Its one thing for your dog to behave when there is no outside stimulus, but like people, sometimes its harder to behave when there is so much going on around you

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